Back in college days, Jamie was one of my favourite characters from Nicholas Sparks’ novels. I saw the Walk to Remember movie and it got me inspired. I fulfilled my very first bucketlist “to create my own bucketlist”. Haha. In the movie, Landon (Jamie’s boyfriend) fulfilled her bucketlists and one those was being in two places at once. I thought to include it in my bucketlist but a little different. This is actually one of my “impossible” lists I didn’t expect to fullfill though. Oh! so again I guess I just got lucky! Kudos to this “guy friend thydus”! From a company of five down to two, we finally got to the summit border of Carmen, Tuburan and Danao! Deyyyyym! It was never easy. Im no Supergirl I did feel the pain! Name it, It’s everywhere in my body but then again I wanted it. No pain no gain right? It’s all in the mind. I wanted to achieve it and I did! I was able to be in THREE PLACES AT ONCE! Go girl! Good Job! #HappyInternationalWomensMonth! #GirlPower #TrekToMountMago




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