The urge to do “something new” is not so new to a gemini like me. Trekking is one of the many favorites I love to do to bond with mother nature, but this time I wanted to do it differently. Night trek is part of my bucketlist. I’m lucky enough to have a guy friend Lloyd (commonly known as thydus) who’s a boyscout since birth lols and who’s also into this dang freakin’ trippin’ thing. For constant trekkers, mt. naupa’s trail is not really that challenging but at night with only a small amount of light is a different story especially if you have wild imaginations like mine hahaha you would really get thrilled with what’s lurking in the dark. The trek took us like an hour and a half but all efforts paid off when we got to the peak. The challenge is achieved! I finally did it! Night Trek is checked off in my list! The best thing you get at night treks are the perks! I got to see huge owls in the wild and hear their natural calls. I researched about owls and learned it’s difficult to spot them in the wild… guess we just got lucky that we spotted two huge ones. Perks just doesn’t end there, that early morning we got to see two eagles as well! Isn’t it amazing?! Night trek in Mt. Naupa is “the bomb”! 

📍 Mt. Naupa , Naga Cebu 🇵🇭



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